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I am a NYS licensed home inspector, offering top-notch home inspections and reliable radon testing services. By utilizing the latest technology available, I am able to provide a worry free home purchase, and peace of mind that the home you select is safe, and free of major damage. If you are looking for an inspection company that puts you first, remember us. We love our customers, so feel free to contact us anytime!


Our comprehensive home inspections cover everything from the roof down to the foundation of the home, including: the exterior / interior / structure / electrical / mechanical / plumbing 



 The exterior inspection involves a thorough investigation of: 

siding materials | attachments | windows | doors | sashes and lintels 

| vents | entryways | decks | patios | garages | 

any other visible exterior related components 



The interior inspection is a detailed analysis of the following: 

floors and ceilings | walls | stairs (if applicable) and banisters | finishes 

| sinks | cabinets | shelving | built-in appliances | fireplaces | 

 smoke detectors & all safety-related items | any other visible interior-related components



The structural portion of the inspection is a detailed inspection of the condition of the entire structure of the  home, from the roof down to the foundation. 

  • We assess the condition of the roof, as well as all roof penetrations. 
  • The attic is thoroughly examined for proper framing (including the roof structure), load bearing walls, insulation, any visible wiring/plumbing defects, as well as any water penetration. 
  • If there is an accessible crawl space beneath the home, we will check to make sure there is nothing structurally significant in need of repair.



electrical service panel (breaker panel) | any visible wiring | accessible outlets | light switches | ceiling fans | all light fixtures



The mechanical inspection includes:

 central air conditioner | thermostat | heating units | all built-in appliances  

| stove ventilation | garage door openers



The plumbing portion of the inspection is where we check: 

proper operation of all sinks | faucets | toilets | bath tubs | showers

 | water heaters | condition of visible pipes/ possible leaks |

ensure adequate pressure to all plumbing fixtures


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